Main Fields of Activity:
  • infrastructure  development policy - on a municipal and national level
  • transportation planning - environmental and social aspects
  • traffic planning and control
  • road safety
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • planning logistics of conveying and distributing systems
  • energetically improving infrastructure systems.
The Staff:
The members of ACITRAL have a broad academic and professional background, and specialize in a variety of research and analysis methodologies, such as: information systems, Operations research, statistic analysis, data mining, GIS, simulations, lab experiments, field observation, surveying professional literature, profitability testing and radioactivity analysis(using focus groups).The staff is incorporated in research activities in Afeka, and also active in the broad field of transportation and logistics infrastructure.
The center functions as an environment for collaborations between the different departments in Afeka.
The members of ACITRAL are also in contact with industrial and governmental organizations, trade unions, non-profit organization and over 30 academic institutions world wide.
Our Services
  • Development of models to predict transportation, logistics, energy and water systems demand
  • Development of methods for changing the behavior of users of transportation and energy infrastructure systems
  • Design of policy for infrastructure development
  • Development of applications for users of transportation, logistics and infrastructure systems
  • Products, services and policies effectiveness research